When is the Right Time to Sell?

Over the Summer and Spring seasons we see more properties entering the marketplace which is partly driven by the sellers wanting to show their property when it looks the best and partly from sellers waiting until the days are longer and warmer to prepare their property for sale.

When many properties enter the marketplace at the same time, the chances of the seller achieving a premium price for their property diminish as the buyers have a greater choice of property and are less likely to pay over and above their comfort level to secure a property.

Over the Autumn and Winter months the Real Estate market generally quietens due to the lack of property for sale. There are always buyers within the marketplace, however when there are less properties to choose from the seller is generally less negotiable due to the lack of competition.

Like all marketplaces it is all about supply and demand. Over the warmer months there are more houses for sale with more buyers and over the cooler months there are less properties for sale with less buyers to view them.

Prime Wanaka Real Estate recommends that the best time to sell your property is when you are ready to do so no matter which season it is. Please contact us for a no-obligation meeting to explain this in more detail.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you may ever make as it could be the difference of a smooth and profitable transaction or a frustrating and costly exercise.

There are many salespeople to choose from so make a business decision of who you think will provide the best service and have the necessary skills and experience to obtain a premium price for your property in the shortest amount of time.

Why Choose Prime Wanaka Real Estate

At Prime Wanaka Real Estate we work very closely with our clients to provide good service and written reports keeping you well informed every step of the way.

When choosing Prime Wanaka Real Estate as your agent we form a partnership and work together to achieve the very best outcome for you. We guarantee that we will work 100% in the best interest of your property and for you as our client.

Buyers are customers who do not employ us. You can be reassured that we understand who we are working for- you our client.

Prime Wanaka Real Estate is a very active local business which stands up against the large National and International brands with tremendous success.

We provide customised high profile marketing for each property to make sure buyers who are not already within our database are reached and to attract buyers who did not know they were buyers view the property.

Ultimately our focus is to achieve a premium price for every property we market and to make the process easy for our clients.

Prepare your Home For Sale

Before your property enters the marketplace it is important to spend as much time as possible making it attractive to buyers. Look at your property through the eyes of a buyer and do what you can to convert any negatives to positives. The following ideas may help.

Repairs and maintenance

Minor repairs and maintenance make all the difference when presenting your property to buyers. Think of all the things you have been meaning to repair over the years but have learnt to live with, for example loose door handles, leaking taps, faulty light fittings and areas requiring some paint as these are off-putting to buyers and are relatively easy to repair. We recommend consulting us before undertaking any renovation work requiring money to be spent as in some cases it may be better to leave this to the new owner to avoid adding renovation costs onto your asking price.

This makes the property achievable for more buyers in turn creating more competition which drives the selling price higher. Clean and declutter, decluttering is an easy and quick way to make a property more appealing to buyers. Personal clutter can be a turn-off to buyers – less is best. Areas to address are;

  • Furniture – a room full of furniture may make the room seem small and less inviting
  • Personal Photos –  may prevent buyers from making an emotional connection with the property
  • Personal Items – clean surfaces on dressers and tables are key – stage these areas with some items but again less is best.
  • Kitchen Items – Remove everything from your kitchen counter-tops, keep only essential items like toaster and jug. Clear magnets from the refrigerator.
  • Bathroom items – Remove cosmetics from vanity tops and showers.

Sorting these items before marketing not only makes your property more attractive to buyers, it gives you a head start when it comes to moving day.

People often leave the cleaning of a property until hand over day, it is a good idea to get the bulk of the heavy cleaning done before you market the property which also gives you a head start when it comes to settlement day. If you are intending to have the carpets cleaned, maybe do this before marketing begins and have the property looking its best while marketed not after it has been sold.

Write a List of all the Good Points of your Property

Write a list of the points of the property that attracted you to it and any other points you feel are worth mentioning to buyers.

These may include things like,

  • How great your neighbourhood is,
  • The location with distance to the shops, schools, park, lake etc.
  • The amount of sunshine or maybe how quiet it is.
  • How user friendly the property is due to design, size of rooms, indoor-outdoor living or maybe the size of the section or how well fenced it is.

The more information the better as you know your property better than anyone else.

Your agent will work through the information to enable them to represent your property well to prospective purchasers.

Where to Market your Property

The way people find real estate is evolving rapidly so it pays to employ a company that has their finger on the pulse. Here at Prime Wanaka we use a combination of traditional print media along with digital media and also social media to give your property the greatest exposure to the right people. We pride ourselves on providing targeted hard-hitting and low cost marketing packages. We will customise a marketing package to best suit your property and budget.

Choose the Selling Method that Best Suits you and your Property

At Prime Wanaka we are very experienced with selling property using many different sales methods.  Auction and fixed price are the most popular, however your Prime Wanaka agent will be able to sit down and discuss all options to help you decide which one best suits you and your property. Here are some links to the Real Estate Agents Authority website explaining different marketing processes. Auction, Negotiation, Tender.

When you Receive an Offer

When you receive an offer for your property it is an exciting time which must be handled very carefully. Both the seller and the purchaser must be kept well informed over the negotiation period to minimise tension and to achieve the very best result.

This period may make or cost you tens of thousands of dollars, so it is most important to employ the very best negotiator.

You can be reassured you are in the best hands when choosing Prime Wanaka Real Estate as your agent and you will receive the best skills and experience available to enable you to make an informed decision and achieve the very best outcome for you and your property.